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Meet Lawrence Mirley, your private florist.

Larry has always been a designer. He began painting and drawing as a child. In his teenage years, he moved into wood-working and cabinetry. All the while, he was enamored with flowers and satisfied his love with gardening. Through gardening, he developed a relationship with flowers, and a knowledge that would come to serve him later.

Larry Mirley of LM FloralSoon the distractions of life took hold and he began a career in accounting, of all things!

One can only surpress his or her creativity for so long. Eventually, Larry decided to look into floral design as an extension of his love for flowers and gardening. A friend suggested he talk to a private florist friend, Todd Michaels.

Todd advised Larry not to go to a school where he would be taught the cookie-cutter, follow-the-book FTD way and invited Larry to come work and learn from him on the weekends.

Larry took quickly to the art, already having his knowledge from gardening and a designer´s eye with the required understanding of color, texture, compositon and balance.

The more he worked and evolved as a floral designer, the more his love for it grew. It was time to leave accounting and enter the floral world full-time!

When Todd Michaels left Boston for Florida, Larry decided to strike out on his own and build on his growing reputation as a designer in his own right. For the past seven years, LM Floral has been taking on high end weddings (even going to New York City) and events, Boston hotels, Fortune 500 companies, restaurants, condos and office towers, leaving his signature arrangements for all to admire!

Experience the difference that only an artist with a passion for beauty and service can bring to the table. For a free consultation, call 617-464-3422, or email larry@lmfloral.com - By appointment only.