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Corporate Offices / Events

You and your employees spend more time at work than at home. Having created a comfortable and efficient work environment, your space must also welcome clients, both potential and existing. It speaks volumes. A functional yet inviting space supports the message that you are going to put the same careful attention to detail into your work and relationship with them. It shows that you take pride in your success and interest in the benefit and well being of your employees. You make decisions with these values when you pick out your clothes before a meeting. Properly chosen and placed floral arrangements will add just the right level of detail, from subtle to impressive, and will not go unnoticed.

Yearly and quarterly events for shareholders, new investors, employees, or other special occasions, are a chance to shine and truly make a statement. We have done parties for companies like Peugeot and Royal Bank of Scotland. Rest assured, our level of professionalism will live up to yours.

Hotels / Restaurants

Custom Floral Proposal In the hospitality industry, the amount one pays attention to detail and quality of service is commensurate with guest satisfaction and financial success! The impact of flowers is immediate. Their presence transforms a space bringing life, beauty and establishing a mood. Their absence leaves a palpable void. Guests may not know exactly what is missing but they can feel it. Hospitality is the most sensitive of industries dealing directly with individuals who are making an investment in themselves with the rare, precious time they have to escape, if not for a vacation, at least for dinner; time that you, and they, want to be special experience, one that calls them back.

We are particularly well known for our seasonal decorating, especially for Christmas, for the many restaurants and business we do each year in the Boston area.

Our private floral services can actually improve your bottom line. When it comes to doing business, flowers can actually pay for themselves.

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