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Bride´s Bouquet - Home Beauty - Gift of Flowers

You love your home! You take pride in it, inside and out. The love and the care you take shows. Thoughtful renovations and interior design have created a welcome refuge from the day-to-day.

More than likely, you have an eye for art and have some carefully selected items that have special meaning to you and immediately bring forth the memory of its acquisition and thoughtful placement in your home.

Custom Floral ProposalThe perfect enhancement and balance to these still lifes and inanimate objets d´art is life! Lliving art is vibrant, textural, three dimensional and fragrant. Carefully designed and crafted floral arrangments will bring out colors and elements in your existing collection, helping you rediscover it in new ways.

If you have ever attended Art in Bloom, the once yearly event at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, you know what we are talking about. A floral arrangment inspired by a sculpture, painting, ceramic, or piece of furniture, and then placed nearby, allows you to see it in a new way. You notice detail, colors, tones, and textures your eye never noticed before.

On special occassions, you bring fresh flowers in and you can feel the immediate difference they make, not just to your environment, but to your mood. When you take so much care to create the perfect ambiance, why not add weekly flowers throughout the year or treat yourself to a grand arrangement once a month.

We are particularly well known for our Christmas decorating! Not just in private homes and estates but for the many restaurants and business we do each year in the Boston area.

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